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With over 50 years of metallurgical experience, Yankee Casting produces castings in a wide variety of aluminum and magnesium alloys. Have questions about which alloy is best for your complex part? Please contact us and we will gladly review your part to offer alloy recommendations.

Yankee Casting has the in-house capability to test all alloys poured. We use a Thermo Scientific Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) to assure the chemistries meet the customer and/or internal requirements.


Alloy AMS Specs ASTM Specs
Aluminum Alloys
355.0 AMS-4212 ASTM-B26
C355.0 AMS-4215 ASTM-B26
356.0 AMS-4217 ASTM-B26
A356.0 AMS-4218 ASTM-B26
A357.0 AMS-4219
203 AMS-4225
F357.0 AMS-4289
205.0/TiB2/3p AMS-4482
712.0 ASTM-B26
319.0 ASTM-B26
852.0 ASTM-B26
535.0 ASTM-B26
713.0 ASTM-B26


Alloy AMS Specs ASTM Specs
Magnesium Alloys
AZ63 AMS-4420 ASTM-B80
AMS-4424 ASTM-B80
EV31 AMS-4429 ASTM-B80
AZ92 AMS-4434 ASTM-B80
AZ91 AMS-4437 ASTM-B80
AMS-4446 ASTM-B80
ZE41 AMS-4439 ASTM-B80
EZ33 AMS-4442 ASTM-B80



Established in 1961, Yankee Casting began as a 2-person shop founded on a passion for the foundry industry. Through continuous improvement and innovation Yankee Casting has evolved into a premier metal casting production facility proudly serving some of our nation’s most demanding industries including aerospace, automotive, maritime, general manufacturing, and more.

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